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Niki Cousins


Niki Cousins, Founder of Bloom Creative Labs, is a Denver native, artist, and graphic designer. As a stepmom and dog mom, she brings a warm and nurturing spirit to her work. Niki's diverse background includes a degree in Apparel Merchandising with a focus in Merchandising and Marketing from Colorado State University.


With an eclectic work history spanning the outdoor retail, commercial real estate, and financial industries, Niki recognized her true passion for art and graphic design. In 2022, she made the bold decision to turn her part-time creative pursuit into a full-time career by establishing Bloom Creative Labs. However, Niki's journey in graphic design began long before, during her high school years, and she has since accumulated over a decade of experience working directly with clients.


Niki's dedication to equity in the world fuels her passion for creating positive change. She actively collaborates with non-profit organizations and women-owned businesses, using her artistic talents to advocate for equity and empowerment. Her rich life experiences and diverse professional background enable her to craft unique projects tailored to the specific needs of her clients.


Whether you're seeking a stunning visual identity, engaging brand strategy, or captivating event decor, Niki Cousins and Bloom Creative Labs deliver outstanding results with a personal touch. Collaborate with Niki to bring your vision to life and make a meaningful impact in your industry.

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"We are blown away by Bloom Creative Labs work!! One thing that stood out to us was the time on the front end that Niki took to learn our audience and our brand!! Turning ideas in art and/or graphics can be difficult but when you have a graphic artist that understands your brand, mission, audience and purpose (like Bloom does) suddenly the process gets a lot easier!! Thanks Niki!!"

Jess Westbrook

Founder of The Mayfly Project

"Niki at Bloom Creative Labs has truly knocked everything we have asked her to do out of the park! There have been times where we have no idea what we want, besides it supporting our brand,  and she is able to turn a small idea into a design that fits our needs perfectly! From bigger to smaller projects, Niki has a gifted eye for design and is always a pleasure to work with!!"


Kaitlin Barnhart

The Mayfly Project Co-Founder, National Program Director

"Niki’s creativity and passion shine through on every projects she touches. She brings a fresh perspective with an artist viewpoint that allows your business to break through the noise. My business has changed completely since hiring Bloom Creative Labs. My social media looks clean and professional. Our email marketing is receiving more clicks and feedback from clients and customer. I can’t thank Niki enough for the impact she has had on the work that we are doing at Smedley Events."

Lara Smedley

Smedley Events

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